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Groot Patrysvlei

Groot Patrysvlei is one of the oldest farms in Clanwilliam situated 5 km outside Clanwilliam. It is now a large citrus farm with vegetables also being planted.

The nursery was started seven years ago by the former farm owner, Tobias Basson, on another farm near Clanwilliam. Since then the nursery moved to Groot Patrysvlei and has become a very important part of operations.

The water source of the farm is mountain streams and various boreholes.

The nursery gets its water from a very high-quality borehole in the mountain, suitable also as mineral water, which has also been bottled on the farm previously.

Due to this fact, you are guaranteed disease-free roots and healthy trees.


 +27 87 551 3178
 +27 82 456 0135

Groot Patrysvlei, PO Box 239
Clanwilliam 8135, South Africa