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Groot Patrysvlei

Capespan Nursery

Groot Patrysvlei Nursery is a citrus nursery
just outside Clanwilliam in a black spot
and greening free part of the Western Cape

+27 87 551 3178


  • Accredited by The South African Citrus Improvement Scheme
  • Citrogold Approved Nursery
  • Part of Capespan Farms

The nursery Groot Patrysvlei Nursery produces high quality citrus trees of any open or Citrogold variety to South African farmers and neighbouring countries.

Our borehole water makes it possible to produce Phytoptera free citrus.

We use a Coir based grow medium. Coir is light, pH neutral, environmentally friendly and reusable. It offers plenty of space to produce excellent roots and therefor vigorous trees.



 +27 87 551 3178
 +27 82 456 0135

Groot Patrysvlei, PO Box 239
Clanwilliam 8135, South Africa